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" The San Francisco Feetwarmers played three great sets of traditional jazz. I enjoyed the two horn front line of leader Mike Slack and Tom Barneby, and it's always a joy to hear Darby Tanko sing those old songs. On the last set, banjo legend Scott Anthony joined the band for some fine banjo solos and duets with Feetwarmer's banjoist Dave Frey. A great finish to a good afternoon of jazz!"

        -----  Santa Rosa Trad Jass Soc, President's Message. Aug 2007.

"Sunday Feb 11 with the San Francisco Feetwarmers was the greatest. (They) certainly kept our feet warm and their vocalist Darby was truly belting out the ballads."

        -----  Napa Valley Dixieland Jazz Soc, President's Message. Feb 2007.

"You are not only Feetwarmers , you are heart-warmers"

        -----  Gisele S., Paris, France, December 2005.

"The San Francisco Feetwarmers have the improvisory fervor of a New Orleans band down pat, and they swing big time too."

        -----  Bay Area Duke Ellington Society Newsletter, Feb 2003.

"At our Jazz Sunday Concert on Feb 9..... the San Francisco Feetwarmers. Wow, they were exciting!"

        ----- Linda Foley, STJS President, And All That Jazz, Mar 2003.

"Wow! We heard wonderful traditional Dixieland jazz from the San Francisco Feetwarmers and the dance floor was full!"

        ----- Stockton's SJDJS Delta Rag, Feb 2003.

"San Francisco Feetwarmers did a great job at our Dec. session ... while excelling at the music of Dodds, Bechet and Ellington, they showed that even Jingle Bells works well as trad material!"

        ----- Presidents Message, TRAD JASS, Jan 2003.

" San Francisco Feetwarmers CD103 with Jacques Gauthe .... is a collectors item." 

        ----- Detleff Ott, German Jazz Fan, Mar 2003.

"I like this album (CD103) - nice to know we've still got folks that play the real thing!"

        ----- Mike Foley's Record Review, And All That Jazz, April 2001.

"The San Francisco Feetwarmers not only warmed our feet but also our hearts with their excellent repertoire and renditon(s) of traditional jazz!".

        -----South Bay Beat, March. 2001.

" A highlight (of the Sacramento Jubilee) was the timeless creativity of veterans in the San Francisco Feetwarmers. The band consists of prominent San Francisco area musicians...playing fine traditional jazz."

        -----The Mississippi Rag, Sept. 2000.

" Those perennial favorites, the San Francisco Feetwarmers, were back at TRAD JASS in October to entertain a lively crowd. Mike Slack and his all-star aggregation are always a good draw, and it's no wonder - they're right on top when it comes to spreading the joy of traditional jazz, or just about any other kind of jazz for that matter."

        ---------- Presidents Message, TRAD JASS News, Nov. 1998.

" The San Francisco Feetwarmers are an absolute joy to hear ...... a superb day of classic jazz played to perfection."

        ---------- Brian Matthews, NOJCNC News Mar 1998.

"Their Early Ellington set at the Sonoma Festival was superb. Wonderful , joyous music."

        ----------- Payson Clark Jr., Jazz Archivist, Aug 1998